Whether you’re relaxing on a Sunday morning or you hanging with your friends, Dutch producer/engineer Sebastian Kamae is the one to go to. Groovy drums, beautiful keys and lofi sounds are elements that can be found in his beats.

Born in 1997 in a small city in the Netherlands, Pim de Jonge (Sebastian Kamae) started his journey at only five years old, when he went to his first music lessons. Quickly, he discovered his love for the piano and in high school he started producing and making beats. While developing his production and engineering skills, Kamae played in several bands. He decided to study MediaMusic at ArtEZ University of Arts and graduated as a Bachelor of Arts in 2018.

In the fall off 2017, Kamae got an internship in Chicago, Illinois at SoundScape Studios, where he got the chance to work with artists and producers like Kweku Collins, Femdot, Jack Red and Ajani Jones.

In January 2018 Keynes Woods‘s Threat was released, featured on COLORS Berlin and produced by Sebastian Kamae, meaning his first collaboration on Spotify. In February 2018 he released his first single called Bless You, followed by Sequoia and Dust. In March 2018 Ajani Jones dropped his project Cocoons which included two songs produced by Sebastian Kamae: Bloom and Pyramids

Sebastian dropped his first album Waves june 27th 2018 and is dropping his first EP ‘Wired’ december 27th 2018. After his graduation, he signed a exclusive publishing deal with Cloud 9 Music and is now pursuing his music career fulltime.

Checkout the Spotify playlist below for songs by Sebastian Kamae.